Cafe Gratitude


We loooove Cafe Gratitude. Not only is the food healthy, it tastes amazing. My husband loves to eat meat and generally isn’t a fan of the raw food or vegan restaurants I make him try, but this one is a game changer. SO many vegan places don’t have a lot to offer for a gluten free diet like ours, but the options are endless here.  If I even mention, “Let’s go to Cafe Gratitude” he is always down! The vibe is so positive, colorful and…well, grateful! Even the plates ask you what you’re grateful for! Each menu item has a creative and uplifting name like Vivacious, Humble, Abundant etc.

Some of our favorite menu items: the Kale Chips(Vivacious), oh the kale chips are a must have! Even the kids love these, they eat them faster than we do. The Magical-which is a vegan, GF burger- oh my gosh is it magical?! Yes, yes it is. It has a “cheddar cheese” sauce sandwiched in the double black bean patty, you wont miss meat after this dish.  The Baked Rosemary Butternut Squash Dip (Community) is so sweet and creamy it shouldn’t be healthy, but it is (GF bread upon request).  The Sexy Kale Caesar Salad (Dazzling) is so similar to a normal caesar, yet its vegan. The Autumn Grain Salad (Gracious)  has a mix of pesto and sundried tomato flavors that will knock your socks off. The Indian Curry Bowl (Humble)- is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, hearty and healthy. The gluten free cinnamon roll (Serene)- ask for it heated, and your in for a heavenly treat. All of the desserts and drinks are incredible and delicious. With so many gluten free options, so much flavor and a beautiful ambiance, this makes for the perfect date night or lunch out. Even the alcoholic drinks have a healthy twist without compromising the flavor. Whoever made their menu, knows what they’re doing.


Have you been there? What’s your favorite menu item?


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