Ch Ch Ch Chia Pudding recipe


Chia pudding is one of my favorites because it can be a dessert, a breakfast, a snack or anything. I almost always have plain chia pudding in the fridge as a quick go to. You can add any sweetener, fruit, dates, nuts, coca, vanilla…anything! It’s a good base to have. You can blend it or eat it as it is. Or throw it in your shakes to make them thicker and creamier.
It’s chia pudding!

1 1/2 cups any milk(I use rice or almond milk)
1/3 cup chia seeds.
1/2 tsp. Vanilla bean paste or extract

Mix and set in the fridge over night. Stir well so the chia doesn’t clump.

You can do anything to it now! When you’re ready to eat it add a sweetener of choice, nuts, berries, cocoa, banana, coconut…the possibilities are endless

I like to blend in a blender:
1 banana
1 date
1 cup of chia pudding from the fridge.

I sprinkled vegan chocolate protein powder on top to give it a little chocolatey flavor. U could sprinkle cocoa and coconut sugar mixed together too!

**you can eat chia pudding without blending it or for a smoother- pudding blend it! The main picture features it without blending. The picture with my daughter is showing it blended up.

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