Lyme Over It

After a 10 year long health journey, sometimes we want to throw our hands up in the air and say, “I’m (Lyme) over it!” My husband, Sean, and I have been together for a little over 10 years. When we were engaged we went to the lake with friends and Sean had a hard fall wake-boarding, shortly after he had a bad case of vertigo (or so we thought). We got married in 2018, and when we got home from our honeymoon, Sean had a terrible flu like experience with chills and vomiting. We assumed he got the flu during traveling and he seemed better in a few days. Little did we know, we were starting a journey of health problems from there on out. In the first year of marriage we spent over $30k out of pocket, on top of insurance, going to doctor after doctor to try and figure out what was wrong with him. He had sooo many symptoms: dizziness (we thought he had chronic vertigo), gastrointestinal issues, pains, achey joints, side pains etc. Every test we took and doctor we saw told him, “he’s fine.” “Maybe it’s in his head and he needs to see a therapist.” We ruled out just about every disease or issue known to man! I started calling Sean “dr. Web MD” because he lived on that website trying to solve this mystery. One thing you should know is, my husband NEVER complains of pain. When he goes to the dentist he opts out of the numbing shot! (Who does that?). So if my husband is complaining of pain-I believe him. There were times I thought he was crazy, like when he said his pee had too many bubbles in it… I started to think he was analyzing his body too much, and he was! But only because he knew something was terribly off. We finally went to a natural doctor in San Francisco, Dr. Yeager. He told Sean to stop eating gluten, soy, corn and dairy. So basically drink water and eat broccoli (just kidding!) but for us foodies, this was not what we wanted to hear. I went to school for nutrition and I know how to cook, so I turned normal dishes into gluten free ones and the transition wasn’t too hard! He started feeling good again (about 90% better). A gluten allergy, that’s all! Or so we thought…

About 7 years in, I started getting all of his old symptoms and I literally prayed to God, “please don’t let me die.” I had aches and pains so bad, cracky joints, headaches, stomach issues and insomnia from the pain all on top of having two little kids to wear me out every day!  Sean told me to get off gluten, but I didn’t think that was my problem..that was his problem not mine. When we were out before, I would always say, “I’ll have all his gluten just put it on my plate!” But I was willing to try anything to get rid of the pain. So bug-bye gluten. Soon, my symptoms started going away too. But how did I catch this gluten sensitivity? This seemed odd. Is it sexually transmitted? Like, what the heck! I also had to stay away from Food dyes and sulfates…that’s right, no bread and no wine!

A few years later we met Paula, *insert doves flying and angelic music playing* Paula had a body scanning machine that read everything in our entire bodies (every virus, bug and bacteria you can imagine. It knew which shots I had and didn’t have). It read our blood and told us more than I can explain. Imagine getting every single blood test you can imagine and putting all the answers on one computer-that’s what it did! And we found out we had Lyme disease. Lyme disease is sexually transmitted by the way. And can be spread during pregnancy as well.  Sean also had an extremely acidic body and I had a parasite. So we worked on that first. We went vegan and he brought his ph to normalcy and I got meds to kill the parasite. Wa-la. We felt great. Until last summer.

We drank, ate more processed food than ever before. Drank more. Went out and drank more. Ok we aren’t alcoholics, but we have 3 kids so on date nights we would go big! We love to have fun together so since we finally felt good we were ready to party! We had sooo much fun. But then the day we went to a country concert, his head was feeling off. For the next month he could barely think, his head was foggy and dizzy. He was angry and tired and couldn’t get up from the couch for a while. This is so unlike him! My symptoms were more subtle, I get neck and back pain, my eyes have sensitivity to light, achy joints (if I have gluten), and fatigue. For years, I brushed my symptoms off as “mom symptoms.” Aren’t all moms fatigued? Neck and back pain, well obviously, I have birthed and breastfed 3 kids…that could cause back pain. Sensitivity to light is probably because I’m a tired mom! Done and diagnosed! But the truth is, these symptoms were pretty severe even though I pretended they were normal.  When we researched Lyme after getting scanned again and we saw it was a prominent issue for us both. EVERY SYMPTOM OVER THE LAST 10 years was from Lyme!!! After a lot of prayer and a lot of research, we decided to go to Infusio Beverly Hills to get Sean treatment. We talked about it on a Friday and we went in that Monday.

He received two weeks full of treatments. We booked an airbnb-then had to move to a hotel because there was mold on the shower curtain at the airbnb. Mold is reallllly toxic and awful for anyone with Lyme. We had a hotel for two weeks and we’re away from our sweet kids(that was the hardest part). It was difficult, but amazing to know he was finally getting the help he needed.

Infusio was incredibly peaceful, beautiful and healing. The nurses and patients became our best friends and understood all that we had been through for the past 10 years. Finally people who understood! Everyone had a story. Some people had brain fog so bad they couldn’t remember their kids names. Others had the gut issues really bad. We heard stories of people who were in wheel chairs and couldn’t walk or eat.  Some had bouts of blindness. Chronic Lyme is insane. It hits hard and hits bad. It mimics other diseases so doctors rarely know what you have and don’t find it for years and years. Everyone had been told multiple times they were crazy or it’s in their head. Some lost friends and support over it. It’s consuming. It’s hard to care for others when you’re just trying to keep yourself alive.

At Infusio, Sean did multiple therapies: hyperbaric chamber, lymphatic, ozone therapy, laser treatment, IVs running through him all day (that made him smell like berries), and last but not least, stem cell therapy. They liposuctioned his butt cheeks to get fat, then separate the stem cells from the fat and then I injected the stem cells into his IV. It takes a full year to recover as the stem cells double every ten days and help your body fight inflammation as it builds up your bodies natural defense. If you follow the supplements and diet plan and all the rules, chances are you will heal and put Lyme into remission.


The beautiful thing about being there was this…We found our purpose. We’ve prayed for years and asked God to put a passion in our hearts and guide us to where He wants us. We both felt so much peace and joint purpose in this arena.  We will spend any money we make to help people get the treatment they need. With chronic Lyme, it’s all out of pocket expenses because the natural healing is the only thing that helps. Many take antibiotics for years and they don’t improve, and sometimes it actually makes it worse. You almost have to take a natural route to get any improvement. Which is expensive. His treatment was $20k, but we would have spent it in a few months on other supplements and doctors easily so this was totally worth it. But what about people who simply can’t afford it? They deserve to be treated. We are working on finding a way for that to happen so stay tuned. Big things to come…


As for Sean, he’s one week out of treatment. He has good and bad days but mostly good. Bad days are expected. It’s all part of the journey and we accept that and look forward to the day when he feels like himself again!

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**Send this article to anyone you know who has chronic issues but hasn’t been able to figure out the root problem. Then, go to or and order the test for Lyme and take it to your doctor. Lyme and co-infections are becoming an epidemic. Think about how many ticks, mosquitos and spiders are passing this disease around.


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