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If you haven’t seen the documentary, What the Health? Then I highly suggest you watch it! There has been a lot of controversy about this movie because it talks about the politics in the health industry which are quite disturbing to say the least. I have always been a skeptic on documentaries because they tend to be extremely biased and the data is almost always skewed. However, I found this to be super informative vs. opinionated. I didn’t agree with every journal or assumption made but I agreed with the overall view; A high carb, low fat, vegan lifestyle is the best for optimal health. And here is why I believe this..
I would encourage EVERYONE to be a skeptic. Do not believe anything until you try it for yourself. First of all, everyones body is different and will react differently. Secondly, journals and studies done are not always true information and are often funded by organizations and skewed to benefit those organizations.
For years, my husband and I ate clean and lean, paleo, high protein diets. We worked out a bunch and were in great shape. We looked healthy on the outside, but our insides were in bad shape. My husband was extremely acidic, he had achy arthritic joints, sharp pain in his side, irritability, super dry skin, dizziness, muscle weakness, fatigue, and he developed a gluten intolerance which also led to a dairy intolerance. I struggled with hypothyroidism, hormone problems(progesterone and estrogen), constipation, stomach pains, acne, I was told I wouldn’t be able to have children, I had fatigue and achy joints, I also developed a gluten allergy and at one point I literally felt like my body was dying. We couldn’t figure out what the issue was when we ate so lean and clean.
About a year ago, I was turned on to the vegan 80/10/10 diet by Douglas Graham after watching a few YouTube videos by Loni Jane and Ellen Fischer. I was so interested because they eat a lot of fruit, and I loveeee fruit. Like legitimately love fruit and could eat it all day. After reading his book, I decided I would give this a try. In one month, I lost 5 pounds and felt AMAZING. My aches and pains were gone and I literally felt my body healing from the inside out. I was eating more food and calories than ever before, I felt hydrated, satisfied, fulfilled and energetic. I hit the holy grail of diets! I followed 80/10/10, which is basically eating 80% carbs, 10% fat and 10 % protein. It’s how God created food naturally, if you look at fruits, vegetables, and grains that is their natural ratios (with a few exceptions like nuts, seeds and avocados). I kept thinking, this makes so much sense, God made food to give us what we need, we are the ones who tampered with it by processing and boxing foods and making everything so complicated. Something about this diet just resonated with me. When I was eating Paleo, I always craved chocolate and fruit and carbs but on 80/10/10 all my cravings were gone after a week. The body craves what it’s missing. Eating an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables was feeding my body the carbs and nutrients it needed so there was nothing my body craved. Then I got pregnant and still followed loosely. I had a severe meat aversion so I ate vegan the whole time but I did eat higher fat during pregnancy.
I never forced or pressured my husband with this lifestyle because he was always a meat and potato kind of guy. I don’t believe in pressuring people to do things they aren’t stoked on so I really never said much except how great I felt. He soon had interest in eating less meat and a few months ago decided to go fully vegan. We had a body scan done that helped him see that he had cancer cells multiplying all over his body due to his acidity. Once he saw that, he went fully vegan and within two months there is no more cancer in his body and he is feeling amazing. He has no fat on his body and is building muscle at a rapid pace. Let’s just say it…he looks hot!
I am suggesting that we have been fooled. Low carb diets aren’t safe. I have my bachelors in Nutrition and Science and I will tell you this: A low carb diet is not safe. You may lose weight on a low carb diet, but you probably won’t be able to keep it off because eventually your body is going to want carbs. You’ll probably be like me and go hard core Paleo, then after a week or 2 you will binge eat carbs because your body is craving them so bad, and go back to your diet the next day. Let me say this, any diet that you can’t maintain-is not good for you. You aren’t honoring your body’s natural signals if you have to binge eat weekly. Binge eating is a sign that your body is starving for something.
I am not an animal rights activist, although it breaks my heart to see the animals treated poorly. I am not a tree hugger, although I appreciate trees. I am not trying to pressure everyone to be vegan, I think you have to do what feels good to you. I will challenge you to go plant based vegan for a month and see how your body responds. Make a commitment for 30 days and just see! A lot of people say, “How will I get enough protein?” or “I know some really fat and unhealthy vegans that have a lot of nutritional deficiencies.” Here is what I would respond with. There are unhealthy vegans! Guess why? potato chips are vegan, french fries are vegan, there are tons of processed junk foods that are vegan. If you choose to go vegan and want to feel good then you have to go plant based and low fat. Fill up on veggies, all the fruit you want, rice, beans, greens, and stick to gluten free grains. Limit your fat intake and just see how good you feel. If you ate 2,000 calories worth of just brown rice and broccoli, you would consume 80 grams of protein. So if you do it right by eating plant based-you will get enough protein!
Don’t take my word or anyone else’s word for it, don’t believe every documentary you watch. To truly believe you have to test it. Try it for yourself and see how you feel. You may surprise yourself!

Here’s an example of what to eat in a day:
Breakfast: as much fruit as you want. I usually do a half a watermelon, a huge bag of cherries (until I am full), or my favorite is a banana and date shake (3-5 frozen bananas, 3 dates, a huge handful of spinach, cinnamon) its like ice cream! Another great option is Chia pudding, find the recipe here

Lunch: a huge salad with whatever greens I have, tomatoes, celery and sprouts. For dressing i mash up 1/2 avocado and squeeze lemon and sea salt. mix it all together and its amazing. I usually eat a good portion of fruit with that, maybe an apple or two. Or I will do a smoothie bowl with banana, acai, strawberries, and greens topped with Rawnola (dates and oats blended in a food processor)

Dinner: Baked sweet potatoes and grilled zucchini and corn on the side. Or Gluten free pasta with tomato sauce, broccoli and carrots.

That’s just a few ideas. For more inspiration or meal ideas follow me on YouTube and Facebook and comment below-I can add you to my 30 Day Vegan Challenge Group

If you are interested in the 80/10/10 book you can buy it here: Amazon

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