I was with a group of high school girls recently just chatting about life. We talked about college, boys and friends. I asked these girls, “who is ur one person? Ur one best friend? Like, the person you could call at any hour with any problem and they would be there for you no matter what?”


The girls thought.

One spoke up, “My parents, maybe.”
Another said, “I don’t have one.”
Soon, they all chimed in that they didn’t really have that one person.
They began to explain that they have a lot of friends, and they know a lot of people. They had tons of people to text with or go out with, but not “that one person.”
My heart hurt for them. Growing up, I had a friend I could call on for anything, a BFF, a confidant. A friend I called in the morning before school to see what she was wearing. A friend to cry about my argument with my parents to. We would gush about boys but swore we wouldn’t tell a soul. I could show up at her house unannounced and open her fridge without asking. We were like ketchup and mustard-no literally, we dressed up like ketchup and mustard for Halloween! She was my one person.

“I have like 2k friends on Facebook,” one of the girls said proudly.

That’s when it hit me. We are sooooo connected, always connected. Always online, always telling everyone what we’re up to by “checking in” or “posting”. We’re so connected on the internet that we lost personal connection. We don’t need to call to see what someone is doing anymore, we just check their status. We know EVERYTHING about everyone, yet we know NOTHING about anyone.

We all feel HEARD, but we aren’t actually KNOWN.

There’s beauty in a phone call to actually ask someone, “hey how are you and what’s new with you?”
There’s beauty in not knowing where someone is until you ask them.
There’s beauty in seeing what someone’s wearing in person rather than a post.
There’s beauty in grabbing a cup of coffee instead of sending a text.

This generation is missing a connection that can only be found when there’s eye contact. A hug to feel. A voice to hear. A face to see.

Pictures a great, social media is great. Text is wonderful. But it’s not everything…

My challenge to you is this…Make one phone call and set one coffee date (or meet up anywhere as long as it’s face to face). Make one connection with someone who you think could be your “one person.” If you already have a person, pick someone new that you think you can form a new friendship with (you never know who’s life you might change)
When you meet in person, pick three questions from the list and discuss them. The point is to go deeper then you normally would, it might even be uncomfortable at first but I promise, you will be happy you did it. Send this article to 3 friends and challenge them to do the same!
1. What’s your faith? What do you believe in and why?
2. What’s your family life like?
3. What makes you smile the most?
4. What are you struggling with right now?
5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
6. Who has influenced you the most in your life?
7. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
8. What’s your favorite quality about yourself and what’s one thing you would like to be better at?
9. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
10. Tell me one thing I don’t know about you.

Then post a picture of yourself with your person on your social media and tag @lishousblog. Tag the friends you nominated too!

You don’t have to become best friends after one date, just invest time in someone, invest in getting to know them better and see where it goes.

Take the step to make a deep connection. Instead of feeling heard, be the one that’s listening. Instead of being seen, be KNOWN.

This is called the “Your Person Challenge.”
With all the loneliness, depression, anxiety and suicide that has hit our younger generation…I believe if everyone had their “one person” Maybe one heart could be fuller. Maybe one person would have someone to reach out to in those hard times. Maybe one life could be saved.
Maybe a movement could happen that could bring us more connection, a connection that’s stronger than your internet connection.


Are you in?

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