A Gift For The Books….


This year, we got a very special package in the mail. I had no idea what it was or who it was from and when we opened it, it was from Nana!! Since Nana is in prison, we don’t often receive gifts from her but she always sends cards and letters. She has even learned how to draw really well, so she will send us beautiful pictures she draws for the kids. But a package….this is new!



We opened the package and found two books.“The Night Before Christmas,” which is so special because she used to read that to me every Christmas. And there was another book called, “My Little Golden Book About God.”  Our kids love reading books. We read to them every night and they can never get enough, they always say, “Just one more book.” It may just be their ploy to stay up later, but nonetheless, they enjoy every minute of our reading time. We were so excited to read these to the kids and tell them they are from Nana. I felt something else in the package so I dug in further and saw a little CD. What could be on this CD? I popped it into our mini DVD player and pressed play, not really knowing what to expect. Much to my surprise, it was my mom’s voice. “I love you Braxson and Brynn. I want to read this book I used to read to your mom every year at Christmas time,” she said. My eyes filled with tears as I kept listening. She read the whole book and left a sweet message to the kids.

I talk to her almost every day on the phone, so I don’t know why her voice made me so emotional. Hearing her read to the kids and seeing their faces light up as Nana was virtually transported into our living room at Christmas time just felt like such a treat. In some ways it made me sad and wish she could be here doing all those sweet things she did that made the Holidays so memorable, and on the other hand, I was so touched that she was able to still do something so sweet and make it so memorable even from prison.


The kids always get traditions and things passed down from Sean’s side. Sean’s mom kept toys, clothes, and keepsake items of his to give to his kids one day. Brax rides on the same Mickey Mouse bike that Sean had, and plays with his old race car, and has outfits that were passed down. On my side, there isn’t much. I threw out so much when we had to clean out my mom’s house, not knowing what to keep and not wanting to deal with saving a bunch of stuff. But this, this was a moment of my childhood brought back to my kids. My mom reading “The Night Before Christmas.” It felt nostalgic. It transported me back about 20 years, lets be honest, maybe 10 years (I made my mom read me Christmas books until I was in college!)

There goes my mom, making things special even when she has nothing, it’s just like her to do that.

Now, every time Brynn hands me a book she says, “No mommy read it. I want Nana read it.” She goes and gets the book on her own, grabs my portable DVD player and has me turn it on for her. She has already listened to Nana reading the book about 15 times. It’s by far, the best Christmas present we could have gotten, it’s one for the books…

Whats the most heartfelt gift you have ever received? Share in the comments below. 

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