A Halloween Masterpiece


We ought a Halloween gingerbread house (yep, it’s a thing). The kids were so excited to decorate it the minute we got home. I opened the packaging and glued the house together so they could start their creative madness. They asked me to put the frosting on specific places so they could stick candies to them and I watched them go.

My natural instinct is to want  things to look aesthetically pleasing. Which means, I had a nagging urge to tell them what “looks good” and what doesn’t, as they were carelessly sticking pieces of candy in the first open spot they found on the gingerbread house with no rhyme or reason. I decided to fight my urge to intervene and just observe. I watched them laugh and giggle as they placed each candy in it’s place. They didn’t fight once, they were working together as a team. Brax asked, “Brynn should I put it here?” That’s when I decided to give Brax full reign of the frosting so they could do it without my help. His confidence soared as I handed him the tube of orange frosting and gave him all the creative power. “Bubba, frosting here..” Brynn requested in a sweet voice. His eyes lit up when he told her about his idea, he whispered it in her ear and they both laughed. I wondered what their wonderful scheme was going to be. Then he covered the roof with orange frosting and they started singing, “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fiya” (fire).

I have never enjoyed making gingerbread houses more than this! Brax was so proud of his roof and looked to me for approval, “I love your imagination and the way he came up with such a great idea,” I assured him as he beamed with joy. Brynn put a few jelly belly’s on the house until she tasted one and decided it would be best to eat them and not waste them on the house. So she ate most of the candies but did plenty of singing and cheered on her brother. Normally, I’d limit the candy intake due to food coloring and preservatives and, oh my gosh, high fructose corn syrup! But I didn’t have the heart to ruin this adorable party my kids were having.

The smiles on their faces were so much more pleasing than the looks of a well built gingerbread house and a healthy snack. The memories they were making were way more fun when they let loose and didn’t have to “color in the lines ” or “do as they’re told.”

As I looked at the mess and the “house of madness” I couldn’t help but think, isn’t this just like our lives? We’re messy, we don’t make sense, we don’t always “look good” to others. But we have fun, we are unique, creative, one of a kind and we are each Gods masterpiece.  He would much rather see us enjoy what He’s given us than see us struggling to be perfect or fit in. The kids sure looked at their gingerbread house like it was a masterpiece.

They didn’t mind the candy dangling off and when the frosting would drip, they just licked it and kept going. God is our creator and he doesn’t mind our messiness, he works with it! He uses it! He makes us beautiful despite our mess. Whether ur house is a mess today, your life is a mess, or your heart is a mess today…remember that God can use it!

You are His masterpiece.

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