Dear Mom,

It’s no accident that you have the children you do. I made them just for you and you for them. You are the only mother in the universe that could give them what they need. I am God, just trust me, I know what I’m doing.

You know last week when you were really stressed out, you didn’t get the dishes done because you were too tired? Your kids didn’t mind one bit. You made them dinner and everyone was too full to notice the sink was full.

Oh, and remember that time were sooo exhausted because your newborn wasn’t sleeping at night and your older kids were fighting over legos? You had no energy and were so exhausted that you wanted to scream. When you were almost about to cry, your kids turned to you and saw you were hurting and asked, “mommy do you need a hug?” You’ve taught them that a simple hug can comfort a hurting heart. They knew that because your hugs have helped them when they were sad.

You know that morning when your alarm didn’t go off and all the kids were late to school? I did that on purpose, you saved your family from someone who ran a red light that morning and would have crashed into you if you were on your normal schedule.

You know those workouts you’ve skipped that you beat yourself up about.? You’re  showing your kids what a normal woman looks like. They’ve seen enough perfection on the airbrushed magazines and the photoshopped social media world. It’s about time they saw what a real person looks like in a bathing suit. You’re showing them how to be happy in their own skin and to have a healthy balance but not take yourself too seriously. And guess what, the only dimples your kids care about are the ones on your face when you smile. They love the woman you are not the body you’re in.

Remember that time you were really stressed out and you lost your cool? Ok, let’s be honest…remember all those times you lost your cool? Like, this morning, and maybe last night too.  You showed your kids that you’re not perfect. And they are slowly learning that no one is perfect, and they don’t have to be either. If you “always had it together” they might get the unrealistic idea that they need to always be perfect too. Instead, you’re showing them it’s ok to be human. Trust me, they’ll need to learn to not be so hard on themselves.

You know that time you disciplined one of your kids and they didn’t deserve it? You felt so guilty when you found out he didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar, dad actually told him he could have it and you didn’t hear it. It’s ok, do you remember how you asked him to forgive you? You shared a special moment with him when he hugged you with a tear in his eye and said, “yes mommy, I forgive you.” That taught him that it’s ok to mess up and ask for forgiveness. Humility. He’s going to need to remember that lesson many times in his life.

I’m doing work in you and your kids, even when you don’t see it or feel it. When you feel like you’ve failed, or you’re not enough, or your too tired to know the difference…Please remember that I don’t make mistakes. You’re the mom I wanted your children to have, and only you can teach them the lessons I want them to learn. You don’t need to have it all together because I do. It’s all in my hands.

Your job is to love them and do your best. You may not be perfect, in fact, you’re not perfect at all. I made you that way on purpose. Because your purpose is found in your imperfections….

Love always,


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