Growing Your Child’s Character

Good character is hard to come by these days and I think we can all agree that it starts with parenting. We have to model good character but also teach them what good character is. Growing your child’s character is one of the most important things you can give them and will help them succeed in life and be confident in who they are. Good people are confident people and we just need more good people in this world!

So often parenting can become a dictatorship where we just teach them behaviors that we expect of them; clean up, share your toys, sit here, don’t spill, don’t yell, say please and thank you, don’t hit etc. I can keep going if you want! the amount of directions that I have to give my children can sometimes be exhausting. Those things are good, but they don’t matter as much to me as their character. When my kids spill, no big deal I can clean that up. When my kids lie, I stop and address it instantly and firmly. Their character is everything. If you’ve ever seen my high energy children running around, or if you’ve ever been at a restaurant next to us you might think my kids are loud and crazy. However, that’s not a big deal to me, I love their energy and don’t expect them to be perfectly disciplined, but I do expect good character. Ten years from now, they will have grown out of constant spilling, loud talking, and hitting when they are upset, those days will be long gone…but their character will still be there.

So how do we grow their character? We read the Teddy Series! In our house, we love to read. Did you know that reading to your kids not only helps them learn to read; it has many other benefits such as;

  • exercises the brain
  • improves concentration
  • It teaches children about the world around them
  • It helps them to problem solve and think situations through
  • Improves vocabulary and language skills
  • Develops a child’s imagination
  • Helps children to develop empathy

We love to snuggle up on the giant teddy bear and read at night. There are so many wonderful books but we each have favorites. I love the books that teach them about something or have a moral lesson in it. The kids like books with colorful pictures, talking animals, and easy to read. They are still young so sometimes the longer books don’t hold their attention the whole way through.

We finally found our family’s favorite book and it has all our favorite qualities; a moral lesson, colorful pictures, talking animals, and it is an easy read!

These books are so incredible (no I am not getting paid to say this, I just enjoy sharing mom favs!) Every story teaches about a character trait. Our favorite is the one about Teddy riding his bike, it goes on to talk about determination and not giving up. There are books about honesty, kindness and understanding. These book help get your kids learning about good character and it starts a great conversation. I always ask after reading, “Can you remember a time when you needed determination to do something?” Learning what good character is and having them explain it back is so fun. Then I will ask them, “What can we do this week with determination?” We will pick a new activity to try together and encourage each other. It’s like music to my ears when I hear the kids cheering each other on and telling the other not to give up. Our son learned to ride his bike without training wheels this week and he literally just took off without us needing to help him at all. I told him how great he did and how I didn’t learn until I was 6 and he’s only 5! He looked at me with the sweetest face and said, “Mom, it isn’t hard, you just have to believe in yourself and keep trying.”

I love these books and they are unmatched when it comes to talking about character in such a simple and relatable way. If you are interested in reading these books, you can purchase them here:

What’s your favorite children’s book?

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