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What’s worse than having a sick child? Nothing!

It’s always so sad when your child is sick and you feel like you can’t help them. There are so many sicknesses these days: roseola, hand foot and mouth disease, common colds, the flu, chicken pox, and the list goes on and on. I never heard of half of these until we had kids, suddenly I became familiar with these superbugs that have been created from the overuse of antibiotics. Not to mentions that kids are a breeding ground for germs and they touch everything and then put their hands in their mouths! There is no getting around it, they WILL get sick. We don’t get our kids vaccinated (please no negative comments, I am not interested in changing. I respect those who choose to vaccinate and I don’t condemn you so please show the same respect towards our choice!) I have never been vaccinated, and no, I haven’t died of Polio or Smallpox yet!

I am a full believer in natural health and going to the doctors when necessary. I do believe God built our bodies to heal when we live a healthy lifestyle. With so many healthy alternatives, I don’t run to the doctor unless I feel it’s necessary. We go to Dr. Sears who is amazing and doesn’t give antibiotics as a first resort, he also doesn’t force vaccines the way many doctors do. Check out his website for a ton of information about children’s health. Like I said, no judgement either way, but since we choose to not vaccinate, we also choose to build the kids immune systems and keep them healthy. And I pray for my kids!

You can spend your days washing their hands and cleaning everything and they’ll still get sick. I try to be as clean as I can without going crazy; I wash their hands before meals and wipe them after we go to parks and other places but I don’t let germs freak me out too much. I build their immune systems using natural remedies and healthy food. I try to limit sugar (not fruit but the processed stuff) when I see a cold coming on or around cold season. Here are some tricks I have found to be extremely helpful:

For Colds:

Nose Frieda– once they are sick, this is the quickest and easiest way to clear their nose. Once you get over the thought of sucking their buggers out, this is the best!

CongaPlex– this is magic. It’s a chewable tablet by standard process and I SWEAR by it, it works for kids and adults. My chiropractor (Tommy Knox in Costa Mesa- if you’re local, he sells it for cheaper than amazon) told me about it and said he gives it to his kids. I don’t understand the ingredients but I do know that Standard Process is the cleanest, best, and natural brands that are made from whole foods. I trust everything with their name on it. It works like a charm. Chew on 1-4 throughout the day and it heals a cold or sore throat

Thieves oil– mix thieves and coconut oil and rub on their feet at night. Put it in a diffuser so they can breathe it in! I always thought oils were a bunch of BS and a money waster until Braxson had chickenpox. My dad brought some oil over and I put one drop of thieves and rubbed it on the pox, I watched them diminish before my eyes, they went from big circles to small dots in one minute flat.

Greens-When the kids have colds, I always make them a fruit shake and add a good greens mix in it (I give them a half serving of the adults one, the kids ones never seem to be as potent or healthy). They can’t taste it but it really helps their immune systems. I usually do bananas, a little peanut butter and the greens mix. Since it turns green we call it the ninja turtle juice or hulk juice!

Probiotics: a good probiotic always helps build their good bacteria and fight the bad stuff! It also helps them go poop and flush the junk out. These are chewables that taste good for kids, make sure to refrigerate them to keep the bacteria alive.

Vitamins: obviously vitamins are great. We love this brand because they are shaped like stars and the kids like the flavor. The kids ask for their vitamins in the morning which is great because I have a terrible memory and forget sometimes!

Cough syrup– an all natural cough syrup that naturally soothes their throats. And here is the nighttime one that has a little melatonin to help them sleep

Peppermint Tea– I always make them tea with raw honey (once they are old enough to have honey). It soothes their throat and relaxes them too.

Health Elixir- I mix 8 oz. organic apple juice, 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar and raw honey to taste. give them this to drink and it will heal them so much faster, it breaks up mucus and boosts their immune systems. If they like cinnamon, you can add that to it but my kids don’t like it with the cinnamon.

For Earaches:

Mullens garlic oil– 2 drops in each ear, cover with a cotton ball so it doesn’t spill out, let them sit for a minute. Do this 2-3x a day and their ear infection will be gone in 3 days. There have been studies and this is actually more affective than antibiotics. My doctor told me about this and I will NEVER use antibiotics for an ear infection.

Children Tylenol: if they have a fever, a dose of tylenol helps

For Roseola, Chickenpox, and Hand Foot and Mouth Disease:

Anytime they have a virus, all you can do is let it take its course. Make them comfortable with tylenol and give them stuff to build the immune system. Greens, thieves oil, probiotics and vitamins all help (links listed under the colds section). I always limit sugar and load them up on fruits and greens however I can. Rest is good for them so sometimes a little melatonin at night can help them get solid rest. Cuddles and love accelerate healing too so we make sure to snuggle a lot when they don’t feel well. I give them lymphatic massages; to do this look at these charts and rub those areas.


For Prevention:

If everyone around you is sick, use thieves oil. Mix it with coconut oil and rub on the kids feet at night, diffuse it, spray them before and after daycare or playdates. Probiotics and vitamins and greens! Have them bounce on a mini trampoline, doing so flushes the lymphatic system and helps immunity!

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