Tips for Traveling with Kids


Airport and Traveling Tips with Young Kids

If you know us, you know we loooove to travel  and having kids hasn’t slowed us down! We’ve taken the kids to Hawaii, Italy, Delaware, San Francisco and the list goes on. Braxson and Brynn were 4 months when they went on their first airplane. We  have some funny stories to show for our travels: like the time Brax had a blowout diaper while on my lap before the flight and I smelled like poop for a 5 hour flight! Oh wait, when we landed, Sean informed me that he had an extra pair of gym pants in his carry on that I “could have” borrowed! OOps!  The laughs, the meases, and the memories made are priceless and sometimes the disasters make for the best of stories. If you learn to laugh at your plans and go with the flow when your plans go awry, then you’ll be great at traveling with kids. Here are some tips we’ve learned along the way….

  1. Feetie pajamas-we always dress our kids in Feetie pajamas. They are super comfy and warm, more likely to nap. And they Feetie pajamas
  2. don’t get dirty (but their Jammie’s get filthy!) we put shoes on over their pjs and when we are on the plane and they want to take their shoes off we let them cause their feet are still covered. When u get to your destination, you simply change them into normal clothes and they are clean and ready to go! Fold the pjs inside out so you can contain those germs until you wash them.
  3. Their own backpacks-they love to carry their own backpack and it lightens your load. We put their extra change of clothes and coloring books and crayons in their backpacks. And snacks! Just make sure it’s not too heavy for their tiny little shoulders. If you have a little girl, bring her a babydoll and have her take care of it, make sure she puts her in the seatbelt and watches after her. It’s a great way to get her excited.
  4. Music and headphones-I use my iPhone music and bring each kid a set of headphones. I have a kids playlist that has semi slower songs to help them nap or relax.
  5. Books and coloring books-get them excited to draw a picture for someone they met on the plane or the stewardess. They love that!
  6. iPads, kindles (make sure you download the movies beforehand!)- we bought the kids kindles from Amazon, which are img_9144incredible and come with a 2 year warranty, parental controls and it’s made just for kids! But we made the mistake of forgetting to download a few movies beforehand and couldn’t stream wifi (it was $30 to get wifi on the plane and I’m too cheap to do that). On the way home, we made sure to download the movies.
  7. Family train-utilize the choo choo train where everybody holds hands and walks in a line. We love our Uppababy Vista stroller too, it has a skateboard attachment which makes it so fun for the kids to ride along on and “skateboard” through the airport and anywhere we go. img_8778img_8774
  8. Make a fun song. We always sing “who wants to go to Hawai-i?” And the kids say “I do! I do!” We just like to do anything to make it fun and playful.
  9. I bring these handy sippy lids for water bottles. These are amazing to keep in the car or your purse. I forget sippy cups sometimes and on planes they never let you bring water so these are a lifesaver.
  10. When all else fails-make sure you packed snacks. Nothing quiets a kid like some homemade popcorn, banana chips, fruit strips or pretzels!
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