Vegan Nugget Recipe

Finally, a gluten free and vegan nugget recipe that actually taste incredible! My kids used to love chicken nuggets. We always bought the all natural, free range chicken gf ones by Applegate farms before we went vegan. I won’t lie, they were reallllly good. Since going vegan we haven’t had any type of nuggets. I don’t like that the vegan meats are all processed soy or they are made from vital wheat gluten. Or the list of ingredients is so long and I can’t figure out what the heck it actually is. We try to eat as little processed as possible and NO gluten at all, so most meat substitutes are a no-go for us. There is an amazing Vegan brand called, Follow Your Heart that sent us a box of gluten free breads, and cheeses. The brioche bread is my absolute favorite, I have never been able to find anything this good thats vegan and gluten free! I also loooove their parmesan shreds and the cheddar shreds. (I am not getting paid to say this! Just sharing tips) They have a lot of great products, check them out HERE . 

This Vegan nugget recipe was an absolute crowd pleaser. My son, who is our picky one, told me I could go up against Bobby Flay and win! I thought that was a major stretch but I’ll take the compliment!!! Considering my son won’t eat lentils, cauliflower, beans of any type and he refuses to eat anything with onion or flavor at all! I can’t complain because he will eat loads of fruit and fresh veggies but when it comes to veggie burgers and “veganized meat looking foods” like bugers or nuggets, he’s never impressed. Although, he loves my Nacho Cheese Recipe too.

Here we go. So easy.


1 cup red lentils (soak for 3-4 hours)

1 1/2cup cauliflower

2 pieces of gluten free toast- toasted (we use Follow Your Heart GF Oat Bread)

1 cup vegan cheese (we use Follow Your Heart Cheddar Shreds)

Seasoned salt

Garlic powder



1. Preheat the over to 450

2. Toast the gf bread, let it cool, put in a food processor to make bread crumbs.

3. Wash and cut cauliflower and put in the food processor. Drain the lentils (don’t cook them, just soak them and drain them) add them to the food processor. Turn it on and let the two blend together well.

4. Add mixture into a bowl, add the breadcrumbs, seasonings and cheese into the bowl and mix by hand.

5. Form into patties and flatten them, they won’t change shape so make them the shape u want. Spray the baking sheet with oil and spray the tips with a little oil and sprinkle a little extra seasoned salt. Bake for 20-30 minutes depending on how brown you want them.

**you could add any herbs you see fit: garlic, onion, turmeric, parsley etc. I want to make some with rosemary next time!

**you could use any veggie that you want, I am going to add some broccoli next time. And I will try again with some peas too. Get creative.

Let them cool and serve with bbq sauce or ketchup. Absolutely delish.

We have a family of 5 and this was barely enough-my son ate 6 by himself. So next time I will double the recipe and have some left overs. I am actually going to make these and freeze so we can reheat and enjoy them again and again.

Try for yourselves and tag me on Instagram!


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