My New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution

Every year I make a New Years resolution, I’m embarrassed to admit that more often than not, it’s fitness or health related. To lose the last five pounds or to eat healthier. Being pregnant this year has made me think outside the box. I’m not going to set a weight goal or a workout goal and I’m definitely not going to focus on stuff like that this year. Sure, I’ll workout and take care of my body but I don’t want that to be my main focus this year.

I’m not going to make it about my husband or kids because I feel like I give them my time and love without needing to make that a goal.
I don’t want it to be about money because I don’t work and don’t need to attain more things.

I don’t want to put stress, deadlines, or even expectations on myself this year. Every year has brought struggles and triumphs that are far out of my control and I don’t know what this year has in store for me and our family.

So I sat and wondered, what should I work on this year? And all I could think of is, my heart. This last year has been a season of some drifting. I’ve found myself feeling too sick and tired to read my bible and I was feeling sorry for myself a lot. I prayed a lot but I wasn’t connecting with God and trusting Him, I was just asking Him to fix it! I wasn’t going deep with Him. I bargained a lot, “Lord if you help me feel better I promise I’ll do whatever you want.” So often, I pray and ask God “please bring my mom home from jail”
“please bless our finances”
“please heal our health”
“please do this or that…”
but I want to change those prayers of asking to prayers of trusting..
“I want Your will more than my own so please guide my steps and lead me where you want me.”

My resolution this year is to grow closer to God. I want people to look at me; how I love and how I live my life and say, “wow, she has Jesus written all over her heart.” I want there to be no doubt who is in control of my life. And, who’s in control of my words! I want to speak words that breathe life into the people around me and encourage them. I want to help others and be the one who shows up when everyone else walks away. I want to love bigger than I ever have and serve more than before. I want the stamp and seal of Jesus Christ written on my life and on my heart. I want to shine like never before, but not for myself-for Him.

If my kids are going to model their lives after mine and see me as an example, then I want to model myself after Jesus.

If they’re following me, then they’re gonna follow Him.

I want to spend more time in the word than on social media.

I want to spend more time praying than worrying.

I want to spend more time praising God than complaining.

I want to spend more time serving others than serving myself.

I want to spend more time looking out for someone else’s needs than trying to satisfy my own.

I want to spend more time loving than judging.

And that is my resolution. If you know me….hold me to this. If you see an area in my life where I need to step up, please tell me (gently please because I am sensitive!) but point it out to me so I can see it. Sometimes I don’t notice my own sin or areas that I’m slipping, so please come alongside me.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you,and lead me along the path of everlasting life.
me.” Psalm 139:23-24 (NLT)

What is your New Years resolution? Share in the comments below!!!!

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