Santa Monica Day Trip


Santa Monica is such a fun place to take the whole family! There’s so much to do.

We used to take romantic day trips to Santa Monica. We would go on the ferris wheel, ship around Third Street Promenade, have a fancy lunch with some wine, walk around kissing and giggling.

It’s much different when you bring kids but still just as fun. Now we find a healthy spot to eat, chase the kids around while they play, bike along the beach, ride rides, play at the arcade, and eat ice cream. We still sneak in some kissing and giggling too.

Today we found a healthy eatery called, “Flower Child.” The kombucha was the best I’ve ever had, I think it was pomegranate flavored, yum yum yum. The salads were super fresh, they were simple ingredients yet complex flavors. I can’t wait to go back and try the gluten free pita bread sandwiches! I have never seen gluten free pita bread anywhere! The kids loved the chicken, broccoli and gluten free mac and cheese, and the cookie! They also drank half our kombucha so that was a family fav.

Then we walked down Third Street Promenade. It’s so fun for the family with all the street performers and people watching. There’s always a few singing performers, a few people dressed really wacky, and a few random street acts. One time there was a whole break dancing team that was performing and it was unbelievable! The kids ran around and we window shopped. It was an overcast day which made it perfect for walking a lot and not melting in the heat.

We headed down to the pier. It’s not just an ordinary pier, it’s like a carnival on the pier! There’s rides, a carousel, giant ferris wheel, roller coaster, games, funnel cake, cotton candy, and more. You could spend a whole day (and a good amount of money) on the pier.  We usually do the ferris  wheel, carousel and a game or two, which is affordable and since our kids are little they can’t go on everything. If you go at night time it looks even more beautiful because everything is lit up and magical.

This particular family day out was a bit of a disaster…you know those days where things just don’t go as planned? The kids were needing naps and didn’t nap in the car on the way there as we hoped. Which meant, they were a little fussy while we ate and walked around. Just as we got to the pier, Brynn fell asleep on Sean. We put her in the stroller and then walked to the pier. Brax and Sean played osme games and enjoyed the carousel ride but, after a half hour,  they closed the pier for a private event so we had to leave! Just as we left, Brynn woke up! She missed the whole pier experience. Brooke slept through it all, I guess 3 months old prefer sleep over just about anything. When do Sean and I get to nap? We would’t mind a nice nap. It was almost comical how nothing was going as planned but it still ended up being a really fun day. That’s the thing about Santa Monica, there is so much to do that you will have fun no matter what.

We usually rent bikes and bike down to Venice  and play on the beach. Since it was cold and the kids weren’t up for it we decided to skip that and go home. I highly recommend biking and enjoying the unique beach town, Venice. You can rent bikes at Blazing Saddles.

Anyhow, between the food, shops, people watching, the pier, bikes, and the beach…you can’t go wrong with a day in Santa Monica! Fun for everyone.

What’s your favorite place to eat or thing to do in Santa Monica?

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