Why Can’t I Be the Favorite?!

Let’s be real. Motherhood is beautiful. And sometimes it sucks.

We slave for our kids all day and do everything we can to give them the best life we can, maybe even the childhood we wished we
had. We cook, clean, wipe their butts, take them out to play, discipline them and guide them towards making good decisions. We kiss boo boos and scare away monsters under their beds, play imaginary games to make them laugh, and chase them around until we’re exhausted. Yet somehow, at the end of the day, dads still their favorite.


I mean, what the heck?! When Sean walks in the door he gets a standing ovation, hugs and kisses and a freakin mini parade in the living room. They wait at the door for his special arrival and as he walks in, que the parade, Dancing, singing, clapping, you name it! It’s nothing short of a Disney parade! At one point, we had a disco lightbulb that they would turn on. I’m not joking.


When I leave the kids with grandma so I can go to the doctors or run a quick errand and I get home, u know what I get? The cold shoulder, pouty faces and phrases like,



Why did you take so long mom?

“Where were you mom? You took too long.” Ummm excuse me, I walked in ready for my parade and this is what I get? They’re mad at me? “Why did you leave me? You shouldn’t do that again.” When Brax

has trouble sharing his toys, I always tell him, “people are more important than toys.” But he flips my comments around on me and says things like, “mom, kids are more important than doctors appointments.” Wow.


I say all of this half jokingly and half serious. If I’m being honest, there are definitely days that I get a little jealous of my husband. I don’t get to go to work and talk with adults all day, I mean I can hardly get a 5 minute phone call in without

 strong dad

all hell breaking loose in the house. I don’t get to go out to lunch with coworkers and get a nice meal that I didn’t have to cook, I hardly get to breath as I scarf down my lunch most days because I need to attend to my little babes. I don’t go to meetings and come home with a warm dinner waiting for me and get welcomed with great joy. I get shit on during the day, no literally, I have had poop on me far too often after a diaper change. I wipe boogies, butts and God only knows what else! I’m not going to lie, it isn’t pretty sometimes. Most mornings I longingly watch Sean shower and get ready in the morning for work and sometimes I envy him. I’d love to get ready alone one morning and actually look presentable! Man he looks so good and he smells like cologne and not sweat mixed with poop or spit up. Ok I’m soooo exaggerating, I haven’t been spit up on in a while. But my cute and fancy clothes haven’t been worn much. You know those Instagram fashion moms? I think they dress up for a picture and then change. How the heck can you chase your kids in those 5 inch heeled boots and a dress? I’m not buying it. Either that, or you have a nanny!


The grass looks so nice on the other side sometimes, right?

But then, sometimes we visit dad and we go to his work. And suddenly, everything changes in my mind. Ok yah, he looks freakin hot in his collard shirt as opposed to my messy bun and carelessly thrown on clothes, that generally don’t match because as I’m getting ready I’m also getting the kids ready and multitasking….oops these pants don’t actually match that shirt. Oh well. But as I watch my husband at work, on the computer all day, in between phone calls, doing a bunch of pointless looking tasks, which aren’t pointless because they pay the bills but they seem incredibly boring. I can’t help but be so thankful. Thankful that he does that work so I don’t have to. Gosh, my spirit would die if I had to sit at a desk all day. Im not the kind of person that was made to work. I worked when I had to, but I never felt fulfillment from working, many people do and I admire that. But the day I gave birth to Brax, I looked at him and said to God, “ok this is what you made me for! I get it!” I never felt satisfied, fulfilled or meaningful working at various jobs. I worked hard and did what I needed but I could never stick to one thing and love it.  I know some moms who can’t wait to go back to work, and I think that’s amazing, I always thought I’d be that way but i just wasn’t. We’re all wired differently in dads arms

and it’s so important to embrace how God made you and the desires and talents He gave you because that’s truly where He wants you. God wired Sean to where he doesn’t mind working, he enjoys it and thrives, and also loves coming home afterward. He is totally fulfilled and embraces his role as the provider in our family. I’m so thankful that he works so hard so that I can hear all the funny comments our kids say during the day, and see all the funny faces, and even clean up all the dirty messes we create while we’re making memories. I’m glad I get to send Sean pictures and videos of how sweet his kids are throughout the day. And when he gets home-I’m glad they throw him a mini parade to welcome him to our loving home after his long day spent working, to give us a beautiful life and home together. And just then, I realize that I’m the lucky one. I may not get a paycheck every month, but I get million dollar smiles and priceless kisses and hugs all day. Who really gets paid more? You be the judge. I don’t need a

parade because I get EVERY smile and laugh all


 day long. Sean deserves the parade, and after a long day, that’s what makes his whole day of work worth it all.

I’m so grateful to be a stay at home mom and I think it’s a very important job, even though I don’t always dress the part of an important person. I value working moms so much as well, being a mom isn’t easy whether you work or stay at home. I think we all need to celebrate the role we are in and be grateful for what we have and where we are. I hope every working mom gets the parade she deserves when she gets home too!

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