I have my Bachelors degree in Science and Nutrition, and food has been my passion since the day I was born! I love healthy food, but it HAS TO be tasty too. I want to enjoy the flavor of my food so all of my recipes are healthy without compromising taste. We buy locally farmed, organic produce every chance we get. There’s nothing better than finding a local farmers market to explore with the kids, and we enjoy supporting our local organic farmers.

I am always trying new diets, cleanses, recipes and ways of life. I used to eat a paleo diet, but since my last pregnancy I have been implementing a vegan lifestyle and loving it. I refuse to be on a strict diet because I believe the body needs different things at different times in our life so I follow what my body craves and tells me it wants.

My husband and I have a gluten allergy, or maybe it’s a wheat allergy but we stay away from both to avoid serious pain. Our gluten status has interfered with our dining experiences but we are becoming experts on finding delicious gluten free restaurants. When we are local and when we travel, we spend a lot of time deciding where to eat. I promise to indulge your senses with a lot of food photos, recipes, and restaurant recommendations and reviews.