Hey there! My name is Lishele, I am a homeschool mother of three beautiful children. My husband, Sean, and I are madly in love with each other and always put God first in our lives. We are passionate about healthy living. When I say healthy living, most people think about food...but it's so much more than that. We focus on the mind, body and soul. Living a life that is filled with purpose, passion, joy and growth. You will see that I write about many different topics including... how to CREATE a healthy marriage, parenting struggles and raising kids in these crazy times, and all things homeschooling. I share about faith and how God has pulled us through some of our darkest days, and how His grace has blessed us with some of the best days of our lives. I love writing about traveling and making memories, clean products (we have learned so much about living a non toxic lifestyle after 10 years of health struggles). I also share about Autoimmune disease and health struggles we have personally dealt with. And lastly, I have my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, which means I am passionate about good food, yummy recipes, and I totally geek out on anything that has to do with health! 

My mission is to inspire others to learn, grow and become their best self. I love hearing your stories and getting to know you, so feel free to share with me. I promise to be honest and real with you, but it is my nature to find the lesson and see the good in things, so my hope is that you leave my page feeling encouraged and uplifted.